Get Pre-Approved in 3 Minutes


Calculate your own borrowing capacity and get a pre-approval letter in just minutes.
Just punch in your details in this easy-to-complete form below and we will do the calculations for you.
A pre-approval will assist you in your home prospecting or securing land for future development.

No Credit Check No Fuss

No Credits Checks are conducted for this pre-approval so you can continue with no added record to your credit report.

For the Purposes of this calculation, we assume a CLEAR CREDIT history and assume you are able to provide documentary evidence of the information provided if you proceed to a formal finance application.

How it works

  • Tell us about your  income and expenses so we can calculate your borrowing capacity.
  • Tell us about the property you are buying or refinancing and the loan amount required.
  • Ask us for a pre-approval certificate.
  • This approval is ideal for all loans up to 90% of the property value. This means if you have less than 10% deposit its best to contact us directly for a chat to select an appropriate lender first as more stringent conditions apply.